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Evonik, a premier supplier of advanced food ingredients, provides naturally occurring compounds with proven health benefits e.g. for cardio-vascular or cognitive health. Along with targeted delivery systems as the key to effective nutritional supply Evonik enables next generation consumer products by adding a competitive edge via formulation from instant to sustained release, from gastro-retention to colon release, from taste to odor masking. Evonik’s EUDRAGUARD® coatings ensure that health ingredients are delivered at the right time and place to boost bioavailability in the delivery form of your choice.

A global network of application technology laboratories enables Evonik to provide customers with end-to-end support for the development of innovative formulations, making the time to market faster: From feasibility studies and analytics to production of demonstrators and ultimately, manufacturing at trusted partners in our network.

With over six decades of experience in the development of pharmaceutical coatings and the production of REXIVA® amino acids, Evonik has gained its reputation based on excellent quality and product safety with highest standards. Evonik has recently launched a differentiated berry extract high in anthocyanins (Healthberry® 865), backed by a large number of independent clinical studies and PentaQQ®, a product known chemically as PQQ or pyroloquinoline quinone.

Contact Information

  • Evonik Industries AG
    Rellinghauser Straße 1-11
    Essen, 45128
  • Phone: +49 201 177-01
  • Fax: +49 201 177-3475